Greeting Happy New Year 2016

Ucapan Selamat Tahun baru 2016 which we presented to be used as an expression in the form of words to congratulate welcome and celebrate the new year.

Congratulated the new year actually not matter who was banned for not infringe the corridor and the wounding of one's convictions. Because the essence of the new year is not the celebration of the glamorous, rah-rah, even Hedon. But rather a platform to introspection on life cases that have been passed in the previous year.

Hopefully, by giving utterance positively charged, we can remind each other that life will continue to run dynamic and requires changes. Because of changes in achieving happiness is absolute, then the happiness in the new year 2016   is a must.

Gambar Kata Kata Ucapan Selamat Tahun Baru 2016

Welcome to the new year, a year full of happiness, pleasure, health, success, and peace

The new year is like opening a new chapter in the form of blank paper, paper which we will write the words and the meaning of life to come

Happy new year and hopefully our lives free of doubts and fears, replaced by courage and happiness

Let the past be the memories and experiences, because the future is still waiting for the struggle and steadiness ourselves

We can not control the wind while sailing, but we can adjust the screen. Congratulations sailing, and congratulations pick of destiny in this new year

Do not regret the past, do not worry about the future because there is always hope and the best possibility for a new beginning

Whatever the meaning of the new year without a new spirit and optimism

The best gift for the start of this new year is a gift we give to the achievement of self as we do

Be a light in her darkness dark, be an inspiration that can make a difference.

Ucapan tahun Baru Bahasa Inggris Happy New Year 2016


The new year is not a party event, because the important thing is to correct and evaluate the error to be better in the coming year